Dynamically use Radio Buttons

Hi everyone,

i'm trying to use radio buttons to allow the selection of one value from an entity's foreign key in a "Edit Record" widget instead of a combo box widget.
But i can't assign foreign key values to the radio button.

Is this possible? Any one can help me?

Thanks in advance,

Pedro Gonçalves
Hi Pedro:

Your question has a simple solution but there is a small trick. All you need to do is use a List Records or a Table records to list the values and then associate to the edit record variable. The trick is that you need to place the List or Table records outside the Edit record itself since you cannot drag it into the widget itself.

If you look at the quick example I created (in attach) you can see that I have done what I think you were looking for, but I needed to create a table below the edit records similar to the Edit Record itself. Then all you need to do is have a table records with radio button that has as variable the edit record FK and values the ID's in the list of value.

Hope this helps.



Hi Miguel,

this is really a good sollution! I had completely no idea!
Thank you very much!