Limitations enviorements Outsystem, when use and not to use it.


I am new in Outsystem, and I have reed all great advantatges and functionality that you can apply in an apps solution but I'd like to know in which cases it is not recommended to use it. 

For example, if we want to globally digitalize a commpany, what limitations could we find? Would we have customization limitations?

Thank you very much in advance for your help, 

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Hello Mireia.

On the homepage you can find a list of customers and several industries where OutSystems has been used for years with great success.

From your profile, I imagine you are thinking about retail. Check this app made in OutSystems for the Portuguese Pingo Doce:

Or the vast list of Logistics operations

Localization and custom formatting is not an issue. There may be some concerns with distance to the datacenter, but there are always ways to fix it and OS architects can help you with it. They have a lot of experience in clients that big.

Nuno Reis wrote:

Hello Nuno.

Thanks for your response.
Actually, it would be for a great company. So you comment there are currently no limitations to make a custom digital transformation related to the performance, number of users using the application at the same time, customizations? is it would be correct? It will be recommended in all cases?

I've implemented OutSystems in a few of the largest companies in Portugal and some abroad, some with 50k employees, some with millions of customers. Company size is not an issue.

Of course that, like in any technology, it can be poorly implemented. And I know big companies can't afford a bad start. What I say is that you can trust OS sales. If they say it works for you, the technical team of OS will make it work.

Talk with OS and choose a certified partner.