Multple process under one application

When we are using multiple process under one application...???Explain the scenario.....???Please check the screen shot given below.

Thanks In advance.

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Hi Neena,

I'm not sure what kind of answer you are looking for.

An OutSystems module can contain one or more processes. One process could also be a subprocess of the other one. This depends on what kind of process you are designing.

In this article you can review the Best Practices for Designing Processes, including an example design of a Process Flow where a main process is being refactored into a process with a few subprocesses.

If you want to learn a lot more about BPT in OutSystems, I would like to suggest you to follow this Masterclass on Modelling Business Processes.



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Hello Neena.

You can use 0 processes, 1 process or several processes. It is all up to your needs and architecture.

Using your Rent-a-Car scenario: that business rents cars and receives cars.

You have a procedure for GiveCarToClient and another for ReceiveCarFromClient.

You can consider it has a single process with a lot of time waiting, or two independent processes. Why? Imagine the client has an accident and you have to wait months for the car.

Now imagine secondary tasks as "taking car to cleaning", "taking car to mechanic", "taking car for inspection", "renew insurances"...

You can isolate in distinct modules marketing campaigns and what is not core, but everything car-related will probably end in a very tight space and modules must be ready for that.