PopUp infoBalloon behind webblock

PopUp infoBalloon behind webblock



I´ve got a problem with a PopUp InfoBalloon. The problem is that the first time the PopUp is being loaded it dissapears behind the webblock. This only happens on the first time the page is loaded.

I´ve searched for the problem in the z-index (because we use some high values) but couldn't find the solution there. But all my z-indexes are below 1000 and the only PopUp index I could find was 4001. Also why doesn't it works the first hover and it does the second.

Hope someone could help me. Attached a picture where you can see the PopUp Info Balloon behind the block.

Kind Regards,
Hi Evert.

From all my experiences with working with popups and the like, my initial diagnosis questions will be:

1 - Does this happen in all browsers? What browser are you using?
2 - Do you have a public URL for us to see it happening and trying to debug it here?
3 - I'm not sure how the PopUp baloon works, but in terms of showing behind or in front of things, in some browsers, the order of the html content is important. One thing I would try, if it is a webblock or a widget, is to move it to the beginning of the page; if it happens the same way, move it to the end of the page. See if this helps. Depending on the browser, if I'm not mistaken, the z-index could be influenced by the z-index of the container it is inserted in - and by the containers that other things are inserted in, as well. That's why moving it around might do the trick.

One thing I would recommend is: if that happens in Firefox as well, use the Firebug extension to try and debug the javascript and html, in order to see what happens, if there are elements being created or repositioned in the HTML when you interact with the PopUp baloon, etc. Hope this helps!

Let us know if this sorted you out - and if not... we'll try harder! ;)

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

Hello Paulo,

1. Yes (ff & ie)
2. No
3. Moving the webblock and remove the container style didn't made a diffrence.

FireBug didn't reported an error on this issue and I just can't use FireBug good on a info balloon. The answers are short but straigt to the point. Also keep wondering why a PopUp Edit balloon goes right and a info balloon doesn't.

Hope this is little bit usefull for you?

Kind Regards,

Hi Eric,

This looks like an incompatibility issue of that widget when used with other relative or absolute positioned elements. If you can create a small sample reproducing that behavior you might want to send it to support@outsystems.com so that they can take a look into it.

As a workaround you can try to change the style of the other elements in your web screen by removing the position css attribute.

Tiago Simões

Hello, Evert.

There are a lot of known problems regarding the overlapping of non-static positioned objects, and z-index only helps sometimes.

However a WebBlock, by itself, has not presentation behaviour. What kind of CSS positioning properties are defined within or around the Web Block?


Hi All,

Thanks for the replies, have been busy so a little bit later from my side.

Tiago: if I'm good, I'll already send this to support, didn't hear from it anymore (it's not something that is being used by customers so I have the time), so keep waiting.

Gonçalo: There are all kind of styles, relative, absolute and so on. I've had to make a new module in a new espace and there we use the 'standard outsystems styles' and the InfoPopUp works good. So I have to find out witch container/style is causing the problem in my espace. But this is a very low issue for me because only interns are working with the InfoPopUp and not the customers itselfs.

Kind Regards,
Hello Evert

The easiest way to troubleshoot this problem on your side is to inspect the code, as you mentioned. Since it is not easy to analyze the code of a Popup_InfoBalloon, I would like to give you a hint: if you put a javascript breakpoint on the function called by setTimeout insise function setCloseTimer (all this in Popup_InfoBalloon.js) you will be able to continue analyzing the code there before it closes.

I myself have tried with a specific version I have here, and am putting the breapoint here:

Please let us know of your findings.

With best regards,