how to configure Outsystems users module to be accessible only from internal network

Hi All,

How to configure Outsystems users module to be accessible only from internal network? Is there any option to set InternalAccessOnly-true for applications installed from forge ?



Hi Karthik,

Can you please share your use case in detail so that we understand what you actually want to do when making users espace available for internal access only for forge components.

Hi Karthik,

Restricting access to an Internal Network can be configured for a few elements, one of which are UI Flows of Web applications. This would only work if you have configured an Internal Network in Service Center in which you setup a range of IPs that represent your Internal Network. This feature is available for on-premises installations only.

With the regard to the Users application, this would mean you would have to modify the Users module and enable the Internal Access Only properties of the UI Flows. However, this is a bad idea as you would have to clone the module in order to do so (as you cannot modify the original module) and you would lose additional features following a platform upgrade when a new version of the Users application is released.

Same goes for Forge applications. You could modify their UI flow properties, but whenever you upgrade the component, all properties would be overwritten.

What you can do is look into the feature of Deployment Zones (also only available for on-premises installations), where in the case of having multiple frontends in an environment you could configure an Internal Zone in which you include one or more frontends that exists in the company’s internal network. This way when you deploy an application to that environment, you can select the Internal Zone for it during the creation of the deployment plan in LifeTime, and the application would only be deployed to the internal frontends. That means that this application is not available in the external frontends and therefore restricted to be accessed from the Internet.

I hope this helps.