Not responsive for 15.5 inch laptop screen


I have developed a sample project in traditional web that comes up with by default theme. But when I am opening the app in browser of 15.5 inch screen laptop it's main content is having some white space from left and right side. Please provide me solution what I can do so that it will be responsive for bigger screen as well.

If you are talking about the space represented by the red arrows, that's how the default OutSystems layout was designed. Every application built using OutSystems will have this centered content with some space on the sides.

This does not mean that the app is not responsive. It will continue to adapt itself to the device's dimensions.

Not sure in what version you are working but assuming you are on Traditional, you can check the pre-existing layouts here

And check that the main content in the LayoutTopMenu has in fact some white space

You can use other Layouts, for example the Layout_Website, which has no white space between the edges of the screen:

If you are on Reactive Web, you have LayoutBlank or LayoutBase to start building your own. They are here: 

To change the layout, check this thread and this piece of documentation

Hi Shubham,

i addition to what Cristiana is saying, you can experiment with the max width property of your theme if you want less 'white space'.

This is available for both traditional and reactive.

Happy coding,