Icon visible only in the first row of the table


When the user selects one of the checkboxes (at the "IsSelected" column), my app shows a popup to allow him to choose items from a dropdown.

 Then, if he selects the option "Responsável",  the icon from the table (the one surrounded in bright red), at the "Responsavel" column, becomes visible  (for the selected row). If he selects the other option, the icon will remain invisible.

But it is only affecting the first row. If I select more than one checkbox, only the first icon changes.

Here is the action I created.

And here are the properties from the icon.

I need it to show the icon on every selected employees to wich the function is "Responsavel".

Could really use some help. :)




Hi Camila,

you need to want to the condition for multiple records because you are selecting multiple checkbox but in your logic you are not iterating through that list of selected items, you are only updating one record i.e. why only first record got highlighted.

You need to pass the list of ids of your selected items and then update all of them.

Hope this helps.


Manish Jawla



As manish written you need to loop all the items.

If possible could you please share oml,So that we can make changes

Thanks for the quick answer. 

I did this loop but it still doesn´t work...

It is now affecting all of the item I iterate throuh...