Install Service Studio on Citrix or VDIs

Is there any whitepaper or instructions on how to install Service Studio on a VDI? We have developers who are using Mac and the service studio on Mac doesn't have all the features as Windows Client. 

We are planning to request a VDI for the developers. We would like to share any instructions or whitepaper with our Infrastructure team. 




Hello Chandrasekhar.

I don't know if there is any documentation about that.
But a VDI is basically a virtual machine. You are going to install Service Studio, only, not the platform, so the same recommendations would apply. Have the correct version of Dot Net, for example, have access to internet, etc.

So, you need to install it on the base machine and propagate to the virtual machines, if they already exist, I think...


Thanks for your reply. Our VDI's maybe non-persistant and if the studio is installed on c:\drive and it gets upgraded during the usage and when the developer logs off the update changes are lost. 

We are using VMware VDI and didn't know how to install Service Studio and make it persistant for the developer to have seemless upgrades.


In this case, I recommend you to open a ticket with the Support of OutSystems, as to get guidance on how to proceed.


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