Upgrade personal environment

Hello All,

today morning (before aound 8 hours) i select to upgrade my personal development environment. I have open 2 tickets to support but no support provided. Do you have the same issue with me with the delay of the upgrade? Any feedback?

Hi George..

which issue you are facing when upgrade env.

because it does not take more time.


Rahul Sahu

Today (before 8 hours) i select to upgrade. Till now i can not connect to my environment and my environment is down yet.

Hi George,

Don'y worry soon you will receive an email because sometimes it takes 24 hrs to upgrade the platform.


Manish Jawla

Hello George,

You will be noticed as soon as it comes available. It takes some time in order to perform the upgrade.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

So much? 24 hours unavailability?

It depends. Over the years I've seen several behaviors. Best case I had was a few minutes off. Worse case, over a week.

Because the process for PEs is automatic, sometimes it gets jammed and you need to contact Support.

I have already but they reply to check based best effort. 

Just checked my log. It happened twice.

If it is any help, last time I had that issue, took 23h between me reporting and they fixing it.

The previous time I reported only after a few hours and it took 2 days.

2 days are too late. Need improvement this process

The normal process is a couple of hours, maybe less. Most of my upgrades were great. You just got bad luck.

What takes 2 days is support to answer. Paying customers are first because they pay for that service while PE is provided as best effort. That's why they recommend you ask in the forums first. Leave the support free for the real problems like servers not responding.

I understand that paid customers has priority, of course this is the logical. But dont forget that you can not give services without support. 2 Days are too late and my personal environment and work is blocking. 

Hi George.

My environment was upgraded today and I remembered you.

Took 101 minutes between down and up again. Below 2 hours as announced. This is the normal behavior.

How is your situation?