[Multiple File Upload] multiple file upload connection closed in responds header

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Published on 2019-06-26 by Remco Dekkinga
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Published on 2019-06-26 by Remco Dekkinga

Hi Team,

when i try to hit the multiple file upload am getting connection closed in responds header.

due to this am unable to upload a document,

any one aware of it to fix.

when i try with other environment like release its working fine, the only change between Testing and release environment is this only. 



Manikandan K

Hi all,

Can i get any suggestion to solve the above issue which am facing.


Manikandan K

Hi Manikandan,

you have to ask your infra/network colleague what is blocking the connection. Since this is only happening on one environment, it is most probably network related. 

kind regards,



Finding: for downloaded files working fine in same environment.

but cropped images are not uploading, getting connection closed in responds header.

can any one help me on this.


Manikandan K