Web Service: Internal Access Only?

Web Service: Internal Access Only?

Building an Internal outsystems web service
If i want to build an outsystems web service for internal use only, and have a non outsystems web application consume this web service? what do I do to restrict it to a a single IP? or restrict it to a range of internal network IP's?

The non outsystems application will operate on the same network, however it might not actually be running on the same server as outsystem platform.
For example
outsystems platform might be running on,, 10,.1.100.3 etc
The non outsystems (consumer) web application might be running on, or or

Hi Robert,

You can use the internal access only property in the web service. 
The internal network is defined during the Platform Server Configuration Tool.

Tiago Simões
Thanks Tiago extactly what I'm looking for! by the way, if you were to access the web service externally, what type of response would you get?
I believe the response would be a 403 Forbidden.

Yes, the Agile Platform should return back a HTTP 403 error (which means Forbidden access).

This is true for web services and web screens with the Internal Only setting.

With web screens you should also get the very blunt text message "You're not authorized to view this page." For security reasons no additional information is sent from the server when this happens.


Miguel Simões João