Servicecenter solution publish cancel


I have a solution that I am publishing in Service center to republish all modules and it is stuck on a module. 

How do I cancel that solution publish to retry it?

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Hi Lucas,

How long has it been stuck on that module? 

If it is really taking forever and there is no way out of it, either stopping the OutSystems Deployment Service should do the trick. Otherwise restarting the server is also a way of cancelling the solution publish.

This should however be a last resort option!



Hi Lucas,

Could it possibly be that you have a number of applications and modules within the environment and that is why it is taking longer than usual as you are publishing everything.

Have a look at the progress and see if it moves, if it doesn't; kindly check on the Environment Health of the environment and have a view at the possible warnings or if your services have already gone down because of this activity.

Kindly restart the server if you can but make sure that it is your only option left. If it still does not work even after the restart, feel free to file a Support Ticket so that Outsystems Support can help you with this concern.

I agree with Nordin.

Some time ago, I put this idea in community about this topic: Service Center | Button to cancel a solution publishing


Hi Lucas.

Is it really stuck or just slowly moving? I just did an 8 hours republish, so they can take a while in large factories.