[OneSignal Plugin] VoIP Notifications

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Published on 2019-10-18 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2019-10-18 by OutSystems R&D

Hi guys,

I am currently working on an application to monitor patients with Covid-19.

I need to set up a video call system, and from what I had to see in the OneSignal documentation, it is possible to wake up the application, even if it is closed, using in the case of iOS VoIP and in the case of Android, sending notifications with high priority.

Can you tell me if this component supports this feature?

  • if so, can you tell me how can i set this up?
  • if not, do you expect to have it in the near future? And do you have any alternatives that can advise me?

Thanks in advance.

Miguel Verdasca

Hello Miguel, 

Unfortunately, we're not exposing/supporting these features from OneSignal plugin and there are no plans to support it in our short-term roadmap. 

So, if you want to integrate that features on your application you need to extend the current features of OneSignal plugin to include these new requirements. 

For that, you'll need to expose more action on the OutSystems wrapper but also check if it's required any change on the native code. If so, you should fork the plugin and apply your own changes in the forked repository and update the plugin reference in the advanced extensibility configuration. 

At least for the silent notifications seems to be needed changes in the native code, I'm saying that only based on what I read here from the OneSignal official documentation. 

Best regards.