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    How to implement Multilingual in Mobile app to change the app language dynamically based on user selection.




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It is not native, but there is a component in the Forge for that.


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Here’s also a Tech Talk from the OutSystems Worldwide Developer Conference about Multiple Languages and Mobile Apps you can watch and learn from.



Unlike all server side applications, where you even have the data tab, the part for the translations (multi-language), everything that is on the client side, the way you have to do the translations, is using to the component that has already been referred to here.

While in WebTraditional or Reactive, in the server side layers, you are generated as a file with all the strings present in the application to translate to the locale you want, and you can even export to excel. In this case, in client side, you will have to use that component and in each string you need to translate spread a code, which is then loaded through a JSON file. See the following images.