How to subscribe to a external webhook on reactive app

Hi guys,

I have been reading the tutorials on integration, but none of them are on reactive apps, and second very little about subscribing to a webhook to subscribe to events of an external API.

Any help? The service I am working on is smartthings.

Hi Carlos.

Webhook are not my thing, but here goes what I can say.

Integration isn't that different on reactive and traditional. Webservice or webhook, you consume like any other API.

I would do an integration component so, reactive or not, the app would not communicate directly.

But I'll be following the topic.

Like Nuno said, an integration component is from server side, so don't have any impact if your application is Reactive Web or Web Traditional.


Hi Nuno and Miguel

Thanks. Well, the point is I am an n00b. I have been able to call the normal APIs using GET. Although some of the methods are only available if I register my app ( and then I need to subscribe to events (

I am unable to do both, as I could not find any documentation explain how to do this in Outsystems.