insertion problem the image in database

Hello friends! Starting my journey in using this platform, I leave here my experience in this forum. I'm having trouble storing my application images in the database. The application compiles without errors, saves personal data in the cloud tables, but does not save images. can anybody help me? I followed the guidelines of the links below, but I still can't finish. I realized that in order for me to be able to view the images captured on my mobile device, it is necessary to restart it.


Hi Jeverson,

What happens when you try to save the image? Do you just get an empty binary column in your Entity?

Could you share your application so we can look over it?

Hi Jeverson.

You need to be a bit more specific. Maybeyou can share the oml?

How are you sending the image to the server? What size and format are those pictures?
Do you have errors in the service center?

If images go the server and just don't return, it can be synchronization issues.

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As above said you need to more specific . So that people can find what exactly the problem is. 

But for you i have included a simple mobile app that store person image . It may little bit help to find your problem.

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Hi all,

You need to be a little more specific. Can Maybeyou share the OML? attached .oml file;

How are you uploading the image to the server? What size and format are the photos in? 3MB photos in jpeg

Do you have errors at the service center? just a security alert.

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This one is easy.

You save the report, but you are not saving the photo. You need to call CreateIluminacaoDBPicture to save the binary.

Tip: having server actions on the client side will give warnings. You should also deal with that.

Hi, following with the considerations ... I hope I understood you well.

Next error pointed out:

The INSERT statement conflicts with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "OSFRK_OSUSR_N3N_ILUMINACAODBPICTURE1_OSUSR_N3N_ILUMINACAODB The conflict occurred in database" SLI6AA019 ", table" dbo.OSUSR_N3N_ILUMINACAODB1 ".

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your flow should be like this.

I am attached .oml try this one , I am not test it because of missing dependencies.



Hi friends!


Thank you for your support in solving this problem. In fact, it is possible to create applications useful for society without typing a single line of code. I will continue the courses on WEB and mobile applications and move forward with the use of this tool.

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