dashboard portal to connected different business shop

i wants to build an dashboard/portal to build an management system that can handle both data gathering & data visualization. is there any pre-built templates or learning materiel is available which can help me to achieve this problem's solution. 

Hello Rahul.

Each project is different and unique, but there is always a sample of something that you can reuse.

The sample pages on Service Studio have a variety of content.

Assuming you want more than that, take a look on the Silk UI page and get some inspiration from the 80 examples.


If you want custom screens, visit the brand new Design Kits made for Sigma and Sketch.


Hi Rahul,

In addition to the Outsystems resources that Nuno spoke about. You can use other libraries like Highcharts (https://www.highcharts.com/) or AMcharts  (https://www.amcharts.com/).