Matching two attributes from different tables


Let's say I have entity A that has been bootstrapped from an excel file with codes that denote the color of an object, and an entity B that has also been bootstrapped from an excel file that has the key to transfer the codes from entity A to the actual colors. The reason here is just to display the colors of the A entities to the user. I also have a Color attribute for A that I want to fill with the translated code to color texts. Any ideas how I could implement that? I have already tried using the Action I screenshot below but it didn't work, could you also please explain why it didn't work?

Additional possible useful info: 

1- I have changed the bootstrapped entities into static entities.

2- I have created a new structure that I included as a source for sheet1 that includes a variable I tried to use to count the amounts of time until it reaches the full length of the list so that the recursion doesn't go infinitely.

3- I have additionally tried to assign the color attribute at the end of every possible outcome and the list wouldn't update anyways

Thanks in advance for the help!

PS: Do local variables always reset when called recursively, cause that gave me a lot of problems when trying to implement.


Hello Amr.

You seem to know a bit of programming so I ask directly:

I think you are mixing concepts. If your entities are static, you can't bootstrap from Excel. Such tables are the equivalent of an enum must be filled by hand!

What you want to match colors is a simple join in SQL?

You can join both entities on the query and on a single loop (no need to count, it stops just like a foreach)
assign the new value and save.

Shared variables are very few in OutSystems. If you call recursively, each instance will use its own variables. But they can return values if it helps you.


Thank you very much for your response that helped alot!

And I was able to convert the bootstrapped entities to static entities by going to advance and importing from database.