How to change and undo Icon when get new data by Offline data sync

Thank you always your help.
Please give me some advice.

For example, when administrator want to inform some information for app user, they send data to "Information Entity".
Then in mobile app, "LocalInformation Entity" get new data by Offline Data Sync.
At that time, I want to change Screen's bell Icon like noticed for user.And undo icon after check the information.

I can figure out how to change Icon when get new data, but there are no idea how to undo Icon.
Could you give me some advice?

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You can use OnSyncComplete event to make change as per your need once synchronisation done

  1. Go to the screen layout
  2. Click on the Common/Layout web block.
  3. Select the refresh action under Event OnSyncComplete.

Hi Yumiko,

Probable you want some boolean in you local storage being switched on every time there is new information, and switched off every time the user has 'seen' it.

how will your users see this information.  Is there a separate screen or webblock showing these.  On this screen you can either let the user decide if he has seen enough or you can flip the switch of as soon as this screen is rendered after a sync with new information.  

Also, if it really important that a users reads each and every piece of information, you could have the switch on record level.

Just some ideas,


Hi Yumiko Ueyama,

What i understand from your post that after you received the new data you want to show an Undo action to undo the data which has been recently synced?

If this is correct you need to maintain some kind of batch id every time when you sync data so that while doing undo you can get the data by latest batch id and can udno it.



Glad I could help.

Happy coding :)