Import calculated fields from Excel

In my application I use 'Excel To Record List' to import a sheet of an Excel file. This works fine as long as the field contains a typed value an is not calculated.

For instance : when I import a field (B4) wich contains the formula =Q4 an Q4 contains the value 25.34 , 0 will be returned.

Is there a workaround to overcome this problem without changing something in the excel file?

Best Regards,

Dick Dokter
Hi Dick,

When importing an excel file the Platform should be retruning the "calculated" values.

Could you please send me the following information/files:
  • Community / Platform version
  • The excel file (if possible) with the formulas
  • A sample espace where you reproduced the problem
I'll give a look.

João Portela
Hi, Did you reach any conclusion with this? I seem to have a similar behaviour with platform server

Would it fix it to upgrade to the latest platform server version?
Hi Diogo,

I think the read behavior did no changed since version (current version is, but I also think this was working before.

I'll perform a quick test to validate it. Meanwhile could you send me a sample espace & excel where the formula calculation is not working?

João Portela
Hi Diogo,

I manage to reproduce the problem by using a Excel 2007 format file (xlsx format). using a Excel 97-2003 format the formula values are correctly read.

I'm giving a look into this to find out where's the problem.

I'll keep you posted.

João Portela
Hi João,

thanks for the feedback...

In the meantime i just worked around pasting the values directly to the cells.

It will be a nice fix though, avoiding extra-work with excel before loading it to the web apps.

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
Hi guys,

After being able to replicate the problem we manage to fix it in all Agile Platform versions (4.2, 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0).

The fix for this problem will be released in the next Agile Platform revision. The work around for now is to upload the excel file in Excel 2003 format.

Once more, many thanks for reporting this.

João Portela

Thanks for the briefing.

Best Regards,

Diogo Cordovil S. Cordeiro