Can anyone tell me difference b/w Block in OS11 and Web block in previous versions

Hi all,

Can anyone help me to understand the Block in OS 11 , If it is same with Web block of previous versions.

When i use web block, i can read it's runtime-id.  But when i am using Block in OS 11 i am not able to.

Below is the explanation ..

Steps in OS 10. 

1. Create web block

2. put container in it. and in container properties try to read runtime id of WebBlock. 

Here you will be able to read.

Do the same in latest module.

You would not be able to find the runtime id or id property of web block.


Ramakrushnarao Seera

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Hello Ramakrushnarao,

Web Block is a concept for the Traditional Web Applications. In the previous versions of the OS platform, there were only traditional web apps.

Block is a concept for the Reactive Web Applications and Mobile Applications. Since they apply for both types, the name "Web Block" doesn't fit in a mobile application.

However, they both are used for the same purpose: reuse parts of UI across your applications.

About the RuntimeId Property, it is a property only for Web Blocks. That's why you don't see it in Blocks.

In previous versions, the RuntimeId is used to identify the Web Block within a screen where it is running. In these new versions, this is no longer necessary because all widgets have their own identifier, obtained through their Id runtime property.

You can see this documentation to clear any additional doubts:

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Rui Barradas

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Just to add what Rui said.

Block having event so you can use handler in your screen but in web block we do not have any event.