Download files using link , the Chinese file name will be messy code .

Hi There,

I use “download" control box  to download files , it can download , but the file name is messy code . 

How can I do?

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Hi Jack,

I'm not sure if I understand your case, but if you use a Download widget in your flow, you can hardcode your filename instead of using an attribute that contains the Chinese filename.

HI, There,  BTY

The files is fine ,when I preview the database in development tools.

Hi, Nordin Ahdi,

Thank you !   I test several browsers , it seems the chome ?firework  are fine . but the IE/Edge will be messy code . 

if I set the regular name , the users will not distinct the file clearly . 

Do you have any ideas? 

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Hi Jack,

Get your filename encoded using the EncodeUrl() function and you should be good. 


Hi , Akshay Puri,

Thank you very much! 

your solution is fine. 

Have a nice day ! 


Cheers Jack :)