Switch function + Google map initialization


I have been working on displaying data on the Google map for a mobile app. I have 2 screens, one for the settings which contains multiple toggle buttons and the other for displaying the map. So basically when the user clicks on the toggle button (on/off) and saves the settings, the data has to be displayed. The data is from different sources (consuming multiple Rest API to display the different data) and is quite large!

I am able to consume the APIs and trigger the action to display the data, however for some reason I am not able to see 2 different sets of data at the same time though I trigger the action using a Switch function! I tried debugging and I couldn't find anything odd, could anyone please tell me where I could have gone wrong? I cannot share .oml or screenshot. But will be really great if someone can help.


Hi Nithya,

I am afraid that without an oml or screenshots there is not a lot off possibility to see where we can help, given the brief description.

Ideally you can recreate the problem in a seperate module, that just replicates the error, but whereby you are not violating and NDA. Then you will probably get more replies.