[IdP Mobile] GetOS not working
Forge component by Telmo Martins
Published on 20 Mar 2020


I am trying to get the IdPMobile Demo working with the current latest version of its dependencies in my company's OutSystems envrionment. 

During this trial I am facing trouble that GetOS function is not working, it does not find any cookie set with the value that can allow detecting Mobile OS version.

Once I hardcoded that bit in the MobileCloseInAppPoint preparation, I get more errors in the GenerateDeepLink server action. I am not getting how this query is working and if I am supposed to setup any config values for my Demo app for it to work. Can you please guide me resolve this issue?

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

SELECT SELECT iosCD.ApplicationId
from {Application} app
inner join {App_Mobile_Config} on app.[Key] = {App_Mobile_Config}.[Application_Key]
inner join OSSY@S_iOS_Config_Details iosCD on {App_Mobile_Config}.[Id] = iosCD.Id
where exists (select 1
              from {Application}
              inner join {App_Definition_Module} on {App_Definition_Module}.[Application_Id] = {Application}.[Id]
              inner join {Module} on {Module}.[Id] = {App_Definition_Module}.[Module_Id]
              inner join {Espace} on {Module}.[Espace_Id] = {Espace}.[Id]
              where {Espace}.[Name] = @Module 
              and {Application}.[Id] = app.Id)