Changing one dropdown at a table changes all the other ones


I have a table that alows the user to select data from a drop down. But for some reason, whenever I select one of the options of te dropdown it affects all the other ones. 

I could really use some help :)


The issue in your dropdown property.

Look -  Sample screen

I am attached simple .oap . 

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Hi Camila Rodrigues,

Referring to the shared screen clip, please refer the below mentioned observation and reason for cause:.

1) The dropdown variable field is mapped with GetFuncaos.List.Current.Funcaos.Id, 

2) It clearly means that all the dropdown which gets defined within each table record/row will refer the same variable to store the end-user selected option Id. 

3) Whenever an end-user, select any of the dropdown option, irrespective of row, the selected dropdown option Id will get stored in the same variable i.e. GetFuncaos.List.Current.Funcaos.Id  because of this reason a selection of dropdown option from any row/record gets reflected to the rest of other dropdown selection defined within the table. 

Check this: Sample App

PFA - includes the .oml solution file

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam


Thanks for the help and quick answers. It worked!


I have changed some of point in my answer. Because that was totally wrong. 

I knew the issue. Previously i gave the answer you can see image that i attached i created 11:15 PM and posted it but when i saw list then i deleted my answer i thought it was creating problem due to list and dropdown property both.So I tried different approach. 

Let it go.

Benjith Sam this guy is awesome. He gave many good answers and even sometimes i used to learn from him .His answers deserve mark for solution.



You're welcome, Camila Rodrigues :)

Thank you Rahul for the words of appreciation, I truly believe that community learning and such forum post helps each of us to learn and grow by sharing knowledge/experience. I also want to appreciate you for the contribution you did in this post and the rest, thank you :)

Glad I could be of help!


Benjith Sam