Gallery first position empty

Hi Forum, 

I have a strange behavior on my mobile Galleries. 

In every gallery it always keeps the first position free and starts with the second one

I defined to have 2 ItemsInPhone.

Is anyone aware of this? 



Hello Tobias.

Check the margins of the elements. Usually, they have left=Auto and the first element goes with 0 while others have some space before. If the elements are 50% + margin, it skips one.

Hey Tobias! Can you provide an additional sample? Are you on the latest UI version? You can also share your folder structure, especially the widget tree and Interface tab folder structure

Hi guys, 


Just one more thing.

And inside the ListItem Content? Any margins on the element?

no nothing :( 

Hi Guys, 

does anyone have an idea? I have the same issue in a reactive app. Both Apps has nothing to do with eachother. It seems like I am doing someting totally wrong...

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Hi Tobias,

I tried to replicate the same use case and it's working for me...

Check this: ImageGalleryTask

If possible, could you please share the .oml file or screen url (check the anonymous role for the particular screen) so that we can trace the issue.

PFA - includes the .oml file

Hope this helps!


Benjith Sam

Hi Benjith,

just created a shor t example. It´ll not work but you can find the Gallery here: 

Thanks for your help so far!



Hi BigSlikTobi,

Add/Set the disable-virtualization = True attribute in the List widget, Extended Attributes section as shown below, it will solve your problem (do the same in the Reactive Web Application as well).

Because of the absence of this particular attribute declaration, I observed that an additional JavaScript code got appended to the list items, adding a custom CSS as shown below and when I unchecked the display:flex; statement, it resolved the issue :) 

PFA - includes the .oml solution file with code changes

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam


Thanks Benjith! 

Great work!!!!

BigSlikTobi wrote:

Thanks Benjith! 

Great work!!!!

You're welcome, BigSlikTobi :)

Glad I could be of help!


Benjith Sam

We were having a similar issue for reactive web and raised a case. Support analysed and confirmed it was an issue that they would have added to queue to resolve.  I'm chasing for the defect number once I have it will add to this post