[InAppBrowser Plugin] How to close the IAB, and return to the app

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Published on 9 Jan by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 9 Jan by OutSystems R&D

I'm using the In-App Browser (IAB) to open an OAuth Login URI. When it comes back, it goes to a URI on the OutSystems server, where I can process/log the response etc.

After all that, how do I close the IAB, and go to a specific screen?

I tried redirecting to a deeplink in the form of 


but the IAB returns with an error "Webpage not available" ... "net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME".


HI Jonathan,

I think you can use InAppBorwser Events component with InAppBrowser to get handle various event of your in-app browser.

Check in OnLoadStart event handler if any specific URL is found run your logic or redirect to other screen. There are other events also which you can use based on your need.


thanks! I found that component as well, and I think that's the way to go.