about number of internal user in license

I apologize if this content is inappropriate.But I'm happy someone consider about this.

I'm working in subsidiary company and belong to R&D department.I have standard license, so I have tried to make some mobile app for our parent company by Outsystems.

I sometimes wonder why the license allow just 100users in internal user.Because my parent company has  over 10000users, so I want to try to be used my apps for internal users first, and I want to get some convincing reports presented for parents company.I can't get these reports at current status because package of license to add internal users is quite expensive for our department.

Do you have any ideas about license to add internal users at a cheaper price?Or I hope that there will get to be no partition between internal users and external users in license.

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Hi Yumiko,

Daniel has put in a very good explanation here https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/57444/internal-vs-external-users/ about the licensing part for Internal vs External users.

For the usecase you've mentioned, it is just a configuration in OutSystems which you can change for the testing purpose and then change back to original so that your internal users can be treated as external users only for the testing purpose. Please note that this applies to PROD only and I think there is no restriction on lower environments.

However, I would recommend you to reach out to OutSystems support about the config changes I've mentioned just to confirm it does not violate the licensing part.

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Yes, contacting OutSystems Support would seem the best way to go here.

Akshay and Killian, thank you for responding.

OK, I'll try to contact with OutSystems Support about this.

I'm not good at English, so I wasn't sure whether to do so.

Your advices has helped me. Thanks a lot!