i have an entity named "Persons" and has the attributes "Name", "Surname", "Gender", "Channel". I have a form through which the users enter his/her name, surname, gender and the channel. The channel is radio button and the possible values are Facebook, Phone, Google and phone.

For every radio button selection, to the attribute "Channel" is saved the additional radio button's value.

I have prepare a table in which i display all the entity "Person" attributes in columns. For the column "Channel" i want to display the spesific icon per user selection radio button. For example if the user selects on his/her form the radio button Facebook option, i want to display the Facebook button. If the user select the Google radio button option, then i want to display the X icon.

Any advise?

Hi George,

You can create a static table, where you can define the icon value depends upon it's type like facebook, google, etc and on the selection of your value can choose the icon from the static table.

Thanks for your reply. Let me explain/clarify how to defie the icon value depended  upon user option selection

Hi George,

As Manish said you can follow this approch.

Or you can create a Simple entity with Id,IconName and IconUrl.

also you can dynamic update this CURD operation to use with form.

this is a dynamic icon in below image-


Rahul Sahu

Can you provide an example oml in order to understand better the approach?

Hi George,

1. First You can create a entity like 

2. should be store in Image folder

3.Based on your condition you fatch data from aggregate and bind with image like below image

Hope this will help you


Rahul Sahu

Sorry, but i am confused. Can you share the example oml pls?

Note that i want to use RichWidgets icons.


Hi George,

I created a sample app based on your requirement.

Check this: Employee Communication Channel Sample App

App Flow: Edit the employee information by clicking the employee name label (in Employee screen) and you will be navigated to the Employee Information Edit Screen, where you can set the employee communication channel option.

PFA - includes the .oml solution file

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam


Thanks Benjith. Marked as solution 

You're welcome, George :)

Glad I could be of help!


Benjith Sam