Meeting face to face at the Next Step event

Meeting face to face at the Next Step event

Hi all!

Just wanted to give you a heads-up. Mike Jones, form Outsystems, has done a great job posting about a new offering during this year's Next Step event:

Quoted from the About Agility Blog:

I just got a chance to look into a new offering at this year's NextStep 2010 conference - Network Breakfast Roundtable discussions. While many of you like to write and share ideas online like I do, there is nothing better than getting to sit face to face and discuss a topic that is top-of-mind for you. This is what these sessions are all about.
What a great idea!
The Network Breakfast Roundtable discussions let you choose what you want to discuss and provides the forum to interact with many of OutSystems' internal folks whom you may have had the opportunity to talk with on the phone, hear in a video, read a response in the Technical Forum, etc in a face to face setting. Each roundtable offers the opportunity to discuss the topics that are top-of-mind for you. Ask questions. Tackle challenges and share success. The discussion can go where you want to take it!
The NextStep planning team has worked with OutSystems R&D, Product Management and Solutions Deliver experts to define 11 topics on which to engage you, the OutSystems community.
This year's topics will include:


Table Topic

Ice Breaker Question


Agile Platform Architecture
Moderated By: António Melo

How does the platform work? Which components are involved?


Buy vs. Build
Moderated By: Carlos Alves

Buy a Package or Build a Custom App: How to decide with confidence?


Large-scale Software Factories
Moderated By: Fernando Matos

How to transform IT departments into Agile SW Factories?


BPT and Asynchronous Processing
Moderated By: Lúcio Ferrão

How to handle bulk human and automatic workflows?


Evolving the Agile Platform Roadmap
Moderated By: Manuel Dias & Pedro Oliveira

How can you help evolve the Agile Platform Roadmap?


Business Alignment
Moderated By: Nuno Teles

How do you ensure constant business alignment?


Agile Platform 5.1
Moderated By: Rodrigo Coutinho

What are your thoughts on 5.1, after the day one keynote?


High Performance Agile Teams
Moderated By: Susete Henriques & Gonçalo Gaiolas

How to build and evolve a team towards continuous high performance?


Moderated By: Tiago Simões

How do you find and fix usability problems?


First steps with Agile Platform
Moderated By: Rodrigo Castelo

Histories and challenges: How to start with the Agile Platform?


Moderated By: Mario Araujo

What is this thing called SCRUM?

I hope to see you at NextStep 2010 sharing your insights with others at one of the Network Breakfast Roundtable discussions.

If this is your kind of thing, make sure to book your seat during the event!

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Paulo Tavares