Difference between the image shown in the documentation for the job and the one I ha

Until the last exercise there was total compatibility between what was shown in the documentation of the executions with the work that was being developed for the Low Code course, however this compatibility was lost, in the resolution of the Input Validation Exercise, and I have a problem that I cannot solve.

The attached image is that of what is being developed in the course. Unfortunately I cannot attach two screens

Hi Renato,

can you explain what is your question? Give us more detail, please.


Can I speak in portuguese?

Send me a private msg, and after we put here your issue.


Miguel Verdasca wrote:

Send me a private msg, and after we put here your issue.

how do I do that? It is the first time I use this feature

I just send you, check your profile Renato.

Miguel and Renato: would you end up summarizing the issue here or send it over to knowledge@outsystems.com so it can be addressed if it is indeed related to the documentation or training? Or - if you have the actual change that needs to be done - send it over directly on our documentation GitHub page (if the page is there) - https://github.com/OutSystems/docs-product ?

Thanks in advance - and thank you Miguel for stepping up and going the extra mile here to help. :)


Hi Paulo, good morning.
Thanks for the interece, but I believe that the problem is not with the documentation, the problem was my mistake that I must have excluded some Run Server Action and now I am in a "dead end".

I think that the best way out of this problem is to start over, delete and start over again, I think it will be more productive.
I thank you and Miguel.

Not a bother, by all means thanks for updating us - and thanks for digging into this, the two of you.

Best of luck with the course!