Footer moving on top of the page in IE11. Other browser its working fine

In my project, when i try to access my site in IE 11, footer getting on the top of the page. This happen on the first page load. After then when i rescale zoom in/out layout get set correctly.

Hi Touseef,

Can you tell us what kind of application you are creating

 is this a traditional web app or reactive?

is this layout is custom or default one from outsystems?



@Pankaj, Appreciated and thanks for replying.

Its a traditional web and layout are default from outsystems. I am using outsystems 11 platform. 

Hi Touseef,

I am not able to reproduce the issue on IE11 for a traditional web on OS 11. Can you try to create a template screen - AdminDashboard, add simple footer and check if it also creates the same issue?

@Akshay Puri, Thanks for the reply. 

Ok will create and check and then will update you. thanks.