Feedback message captures focus

We recently upgraded our Outsystems platform. Now we have the behavior that an input element looses the focus when a feedback message appears. This is a traditional web app.

Originally we use the input_SetFocus web block from RichWidgets. 

I changed the flow to use the SetFocus action from OutsystemsUIWeb (of course after the Feedback_Message action) but that doesn't set the focus back to the element.

Is this change in behavior intended ? How do I set the focus back to the input element? Or how can I prevent that the feedback message gets the focus?

Hi Joris,

Your base template is from OutsystemsUIWeb (if you upgrated your platform from 10 to 11)? Or are you using other one? Did you already debug your code?

If you inspect in the browser devTools did you have some kind of error?

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the quick reaction. 

The original issue is from an older application that we migrated to 11, based on the version 10 template (it believe London).

To reproduce it I created the same situation in OutsystemsUIWeb, see It is not well documented but I hope you can see the focus leaves the input element after the feedback message appears.

With the console in developer toolset I used document.activeElement to see where the focus was gone.

Kind regards,

Joris Teunissen