Hi All!

I am having trouble with creating questions that are of type dropdown. (So the answer option are given in a dropdown).

I have created mulitple entities among which: Answers, AnswerOption, Question, QuestionChoiceText (Contains the answer options for the dropdown, so A,B,C,D etc) and QuestionType which contains the type of the question (Radio, dropdown etc). 

I have made a webblock that handles all the question by creating a list (works fine) and a webbblock inside that that can tell if the questiontype is radio or dropdown. This part all works just fine.

The problem that I am facing is that OutSystems is  showing a dropdown underneath a question for every answeroption there is. So if I have answers A, B, C, D it shows me 4 sets of dropdowns (or radiobuttons btw) that all contain A,B,C,D. Anyone have an idea about how to fix this? 



Hi Max.

It's hard to say without checking the oml, but you need to check your filters. Everything seems duplicated.

If you pass the QuestionId to the webblock, it can only show what is related to that question. You can test the aggregate in ServiceStudio to find out.

And debug to validate the Id sent.