How to Set the ClientID at Site Properties

Following the instructions on the "Integrating with OAuth Excercise", when I insert my Credencial from Google API to ClientID at the Site Properties, Service Studio returns error by unexpected element (attached).

How do I have to set this parameter? It´s "Text" or other kind of Data Type?

Thanks for any help...

Walter Franco

Hello Walter.

Text needs to be delimited by quotes. yewiuwreucnsdkjhsad is not a valid Text, but "yewiuwreucnsdkjhsad" is.



You just need to place them inside double quotes.



I´ve made that, thinking exactly as you said... if it´s text... has to be inside quotes, but, as I got an error at login, by another mistake with double // on a wrong place.... It doesn´t work...
But now it´s all done!
Thank you all!!!


Walter Franco
Poços de Caldas - MG