buttonloading in react outsystemsUI not working

- put a button loading widget on a webblock

- changed the button primary to just be btn class so it doesn't show as primary

- added a web block scaled boolean for isLoading

- when the button is pushed it sets isLoading to true and then calls a refresh on a fetch from other data source

- on the on after fetch of the fetch from other data source I set isLoading to false

- on the buttonLoading widget I add the isLoading boolean to the input

- buttonLoading never changes state

- remove the button loading and just put the button in an if, and it works fine.  

Does changing the supplied button from primary to just btn class break button loading widget?

Update to this - apparently when you drag the buttonLoading widget over - you can't delete the button that came with it inside it and replace it with your own.  You have to use that button.  I did this and its working.

Thanks for posting your result! I had the same problem and your update got me through it. Looks like you can use your own button, you just need to use the same internal structure with the same CSS classes as the button they provide:

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