Consume REST API - problem to filter URL parameter

Hey guys, I hope everyone is safe!

I’m a newbie in OutSystems and I’m consuming a REST API thought Microsfot Graph but I’m trouble to filter the parameters on the URL

I can access the list and the item, but I cannot filter by the specific field “ColaboradorLookupId”:

I’m trying with the url below:{site-id}/lists/{list-id}/items?expand=fields&filter=fields/ColaboradorLookupId{ColaboradorLookup-Id}

And I received the error:"code": "-1, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.InvalidClientQueryException", "message": "The expression \"fields/ColaboradorLookupId'2201'\" is not valid.”

If I do with hard-code and replace the ColaboradorLookup-Id for “2201” for example, it's working well.

I already checked the documentation, search on the forum, and verified the logs as indicated here: but I don’t have any log.

The screenshot below illustrated the request. I delete the site and list Id for security purposes. 

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you in advance. =)

Hi Luana,

please add "/" symbol before you parameter:


Manish Jawla


Hi Luana,

i have highlighted the url where you need to add "/" like colaboratorLookupId/{paramter}/


Hi Manish,

I insert the "/" and the issue was fixed.

Thank you a lot and have a nice weekend. 

Your always welcome Glad to help You.