[IdP] Logout redirect issue ActionIdP_SingleLogout_URL 404 page not found

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Published on 5 Jun by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 5 Jun by Leonardo Fernandes


We are having issues trying to logout in mobile app if we swipe up the application. Here's the steps:

  • Login using IdPMobileFlow\SamlLogin
  • Double click on home button and swipe up the app
  • Open the application back again
  • Do logout using IdPMobileFlow\SamlLogout

Here's what we were able to discover:

When InAppBrowser performs the call to IdP logout screen, the action GetCurrentUserSession uses the session variables 'SamlSessionIndex' and 'Username' and those are cleaned up if the user swipes up the application. Being the result No SessionIndex = true:

GetCurrentUserSession.UserSession.UserSession.SamlSessionIndex = ""

We are then redirected to LogoutDestinationURL which is "ActionIdP_SingleLogout_URL" :

I couldn't find any post regarding this, any idea on how to solve it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Rahul Sahu wrote:

Hi Tânia Pires,

Have you checked service center log.

This is happing when things are not present on this application.

Check URL first It will come proper or not.

check this post-





Rahul Sahu

Hi Rahul,

Thank you for your quick response. I already checked the posts that you shared and they are all web related. This issue is happening in mobile, I posted it here because the redirect is happening in IdP module.

There is no errors in service studio. 


Hi Tania,

That's how the component works (IdPMobile). You cannot use the SAML logout block to logout if you set the PersistentLogin to true when using the SamlLogin. So for your use (keep the user logged in when we app is closed) when you want to perform a logout you just do the standard DoLogout from the platform without using the SAMLLogout component.



Hi Telmo.

We actually started to implement what you just said. We want have a persistent login so we will follow your suggestion.

Thank you!