Mobile data sync with BLOBs best aproach


we are developing a mobile app (P11) with offline capabilities. The users can record videos in offline mode, and when the device gets online the videos are sent to the server using offline data sync actions

If the video file is a large file (for example 17 Mb) the server action "Server data sync" returns a timeout. It is not possible to control the timout of this action. What could be a solution to sync large video files and avoid the timeouts?

Thank you?

Hi António,

You can change the time out by changing the Server Request Timeout of the ServerDataSync action



Thank you Daniel

Hi Antonio,

Although enlarging the timeout can help for now this is something that you will need to think about for future issues. What if the next video is not 17MB long van 435MB? Or what if they have an internet connection that isn't capable of even uploading a small video within the set timeout?

If you want to support these scenario's you will need to used some form of chuncked upload that supports reusability. You could also take a look at the following forge component, perhaps this will help you?