Right mouseclick - Context menu

Right mouseclick - Context menu

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone has created a context menu that pops-up when you right click.
Such kind of menu would be very nice to use when you can bind it to a table and can right click anywhere on the table to quickly e.g.:
- Add a record
- Delete the selected record
- Edit the record
- Execute an action on the selected record

I was looking a this piece of javascript:
Hi Eric,

Although there's no way (yet) of configuring a context menu directly through the Platform, I can recommend you this awesome plugin for jQuery called jQuery ContextMenu which you may configure with the actions you want (add record, delete record, etc).

Hope it helps!
Hi Miguel,

Wow!; that jQuery is indeed the most sophisticated context menu I've ever seen.

It would be great if this would be part of the platform!
Any chance of a published extention wrapping this context menu functionality until platform handles it?