Returning null values in XML response for exposed SOAP web services?

Currently, I have implemented several SOAP web services for some external 3rd-party systems to consume data from my system. However, one thing I am having trouble overcoming is with regards to the handling NULL values from our system. 

As many might know, Outsystems has a built-in default behavior to return empty/null values with default values instead (e.g. empty datetimes are "1900-01-01 00:00:00", null decimals are 0.0 etc.) Ideally, if the data is for various 3rd-party to consume, I'd rather follow the conventions of null values being shown as null, such that my data isn't misinterpreted and the 3rd-party systems take certain actions from thinking that certain fields are not empty when they actually are.

Essentially, what I am asking is, how do i workaround this Outsystems behavior and return null values as null? How can i implement it such that in my XML responses, empty dates are returned as <ExampleDate /> instead of the default value and so on and so forth; does anyone have any experience on this? Or am i out of luck? 

Appreciate any help if possible. 

My Outsystems version: 11.7.6 (Build 17803)

(P.S. I had created an earlier post but for some reason the post can't be accessed at all, so I'm re-posting. Hope that's ok)


The easiest way is to include an extra boolean element for each numerical or date value like OrderDateIsFilled.

The value of this element will then tell you what the Date value "1900-01-01 00:00:00" means.