We are developing a Traditional Web application and we have a Table Record that displays an aggregate data. On regular webview, the table seems to be good but we noticed that upon accessing the same page from the phone, the table in the bottom starts to have repeating row headers (see mobile header row.png).
What's weirder is that the table on top of it looks fine and does not have any repeating row header. Any idea as to what is causing this?

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Hi Yosua,

Look like similar to this issue. Though this discussion was for same issue in desktop browser but the issue ended up to be something related to responsiveness in OutSystemsUI. Not sure if it is resolved or not, have a look:


Or please share the oml so that we can open and check in details.

Hello Nikhil,

Upon looking into the discussion, it seems that he managed to fix it by changing the Source Web Block property from 'Layouts\LayoutPopup' into 'LayoutsOther\Layout_Popup' which may suggests that the problem may have been because of interactions between pop-ups and table records.

I wasn't able to find a solution from the post because the table that we have are not enclosed in a pop-up. It does however produce a similar error to the post that you linked.


Hi Yosua,

Can you share a minimal oml having this issue so that I can check and suggest?

Hi Nikhil,

Sorry it took a while. I made a simplified version of the application. It will take you to a document creation and then to the screen that has duplicate row title problem. To replicate the problem in the OML, please pick at least 1 approver, and then click Submit.