Migrate Reactive Web to Liverpool


i have a reactive application and i want to change to Liverpool.

Let me know the way.

Is good practise to copy my existing database and assign to a new liveropool application? It is possible?

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Hi George,

If you copy your database you lose all your data, I wouldn't do that. It would be better to convert your React application to a service module and consume the data and actions in your new application.

I would also think about why your changing from react to liverpool. Liverpool theme is a SilkUi theme, it would be better to base your traditional web application on OutSystemsUI. It's the better option for traditional web.


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Hi George,

You don't need to copy your database, just use your core module (or transform your current database module in one) for your new web application.

Liverpool is based in SilkUI and Outsystems is working now with OutsystemsUI. Do you really want to change to Liverpool or it's something that you can achieve using OutsystemsUI? Can you share with us some detail about the motive about that change? That move seems to be going backward.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira