Wrong ECT screen display

Wrong ECT screen display



I've just installed the ECT for our application but it doesn't work like I would.

The thing is that when a user submitted feedback trough the ECT, with a screen content and I look at the screen the user submitted at his feedback the display I see all the javascript features and specific HTML/CSS code so not the screen like the user submitted.

The problem is within the ECT which doesn't make a screenshot but copies the HTML code and build the page again (totaly wrong :D). So is it possible to set something in the ECT so I can see a screen shot and not a html page that is being build?

Have attached a screenshot to make clear how I see the screen (zoomed out a lot so you can see the whole screen and not the data ;)).

Hope you got a answer.

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Could only attach one screen shot so here is another.

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Hi Evert.

That looks terribly off :( Sadly, I'm not sure that such an option exists - the idea of copying the screen HTML was to make it more cross-browser compatible (taking a screenshot would require the user to install an external component, usually ActiveX or Flash, and in many cases installing such a thing is not an option). However, it seems to me that you clearly have run into a bug, and that it could be fixed :)

I would suggest that you submit that to OutSystems' support, along with these screenshots, and if you manage to do so, the following things:

- The original screenshot (for us to understand what how it was supposed to look like);
- The original page's HTML;
- The stored ECT's HTML.

I'm sure that this will help us understand where's the problem with ECT - and probably fix it for you. :) If you want to post those three things in the forums as well, someone might be able to help you as well, even if you should always send it to the support.


Paulo Tavares

Hi Paulo,

It shure looks like **** :).

I shall send it the data so support, hope they fix the bug ;).

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I'm getting this error when I publish the ECT solution in a server in the eSpace ECT_Provider.

Unable to upgrade database schema. Error trying to create foreign key on database field 'osusr_s41_Theme_Es.ESPACEID'.
Exception: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
Could not create constraint. See previous errors.

I have installed the ECT in a development environment and now I'm trying to publish it in the Quality Environment. They share the same database. Maybe that's the problem... Can annyone help me?


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Nuno Mendes
Hi Nuno.

When you mean "the same database", surely you mean the same database server, not the same database catalog, correct?

If that's the case, there should be no problem whatsoever - it is not uncommon for several development and QA environments being hosted in the same database server.

What seems to be happening in your case is a timeout error - probably either because the database server is under a a heavy workload, because of connection issues, or somehow your database has some relationships that are preventing ECT from creating its data model correctly. Since I doubt that you're consuming some of ECT's entities, I'll suggest you run the SQL Management Studio and check the database catalog for deadlocks, and then handle them.

Alternatively, you could check some setting related to the connection timeout, namely in the IIS configuration.

If these tips don't shed a light, I thoroughly recommend you send this error to our support department, at support@outsystems.com , since unless someone else has experienced this, they'll be the ones who have the more in-depth technical knowledge to answer you.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

P.S. - If, however, you wanted to say that both the QA and the development environments are using the same database catalog, then that could definitely cause serious problems, and I wouldn't recommend anyone doing such a setup for their Platform Servers.
Thanks Paulo,

It should be a deadlock in the QA Environment. I have stopped and started the OutSystems services, and tried to publish the solution again and it works fine.

BTW: Yes, you are right the Dev and QA Environment share the same database server not the same database catalog.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,
Nuno Mendes
Hi Nuno,

Glad to hear everything went on fine - and that you're not sharing the same database catalog as well! :)

Let us know if something else comes up.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares