Send specific data to mobile based on username

This one is simple,  I just can't figure out the verbiage for the search.  I would like to enter information into a local table based on the user ID during a sync.  How can this be done?

Hi Andrew,

What is it that you don't know how to do? Local Entities are just normal Entities in almost every respect, so they have Create and Update Actions available.

I only want data related to the specific user sent from the server to be placed into the local table

So, how are you syncing currently? What sync mechanism do you use?

simple read-only optimized

I meant, how have you implemented that? Can you share an OML I can look at?

I have not implemented it yet.  Just wondering how to do it.

I have 25 reps,  I would like only info specific to one rep sent to him so I don't have to send all the data to everyone and filter the entity on the client

Hello Andrew.

Take a look at the several examples.

You simply need to filter by UserId like in any query. That is the easiest part of the process.

If you have some specific questions, we are here.

Hi Andrew,

Like Nuno wrote, filter on the right user. Syncing is mostly querying and storing locally. So make sure your queries only return the relevant data.