Traditional Web: Persistent Login and returning user

When a user interactively logs into our site, we do the standard OS login, but then do additional look ups on that user's data.  This data gets put into session.  If we allow them to select Persistent Login, when they return to the site later is there a way to know they are back and do those additional look ups?   Basically, is there some sort of an event we can hook into and do our lookups when they return?


Hi Steve,

You can use OnSessionStart for this (

You can add this in the User Provider and you can use it to look up the user's info when the session's userid is not equal to NullIdentifier().




Please, look to this document.

Persistent Login - How to use Persistent vs. Session Logins (Persistent is the default in all of the SilkUI templates)


Thanks for the responses.