Exporting Enterprise manager Privileges & Roles

Hi all,

Is there an existing way to export Enterprise manager Privileges & Roles in order to import these in an equal Environment setup?

We are planning to start an acceptance environment here that should be configured the same as the Live environment.
It would be nice if we could import from Live to the Acceptance and vice versa.


Hello Eric

To my knowledge, there isn't any import/export feature for the Enterprise Manager Privileges & Roles.

However, if you're planning a new Acceptance environment from scratch, and want to have the same settings and data as that of the production environment, then you might consider an environment clone, by cloning the entire database. This will obviously include all production data as well ... not sure if this suits or needs.

If so, consider the Technical Note Migrating an Environment Using a Database Clone for achieving that result.


Miguel Simões João
Hi Miguel,

This is definately an option we will consider.