Can't edit 'TextArea' widgets inside web block


Currently, I'm trying to implement a popup which will contain a Carousel with three steps. In each of these steps, one 'TextArea' widget will be responsible for a text variable. I'm trying to implement the Carousel as a web block of its own, so I can later place it inside the popup widget in my main screen.

I noticed that I'm not able to edit the text of these 'TextArea' widgets, even though I'm setting their 'Enabled' parameters as 'True'. Is this intended or is it a bug? The variables related to each 'TextArea' widget are set as Local Variables of the Web Block. I already tried setting them as Input Variables, but it didn't work. I also tried changing the widgets to normal 'Input' widgets, but that also didn't work. I believe that I tried doing this in earlier versions of Outsystems and it worked.

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Hi, friend.

Can you send the .oml?


Do you check in browser ,Is it in read mode ?

if you placed your text area  or input widget inside Form in pop up and they are not showing proper edit mode. 

Try to remove style of Form. 

Can you attach pic of your pop up or .oml?



So, I did some digging and I think that I found the origin of the problem - but not the solution yet.

Apparently, the carousel javascript makes the whole widget 'mouseDraggable' (you can go through the tabs by dragging the screen), and this makes the input fields to be deactivated. I believe that the solution would be to clone the original widget and redo the javascript, however I find that too costly, and I just prefer to implement the features differently for the time moment. This might have to do with the reactive web design, since I believe I did the same thing on the web format before and it worked.,

Another thing that I tried was using the 'DisableSwipe' action during initialization on the carousel widget, but that doesn't work. 

One thing that I might test is trying a re-initialization of the block disabling the mouseDrag feature manually through javascript. If that works, I'll post it here.