How to add MIME type for downloading the file in reactive web

Hi All,

I want to add the MIME type of the file, for the download node in the reactive web,Can it be possible

Where as in the traditional web we have an option to provide MIME type of the file to the download node.

If anyone have solution for this, that could help me.



Hi koushik prathi,

Do not need to add MIME type in reactive because today browser is most capable to recognize it. 

For more detail :1.  Download a file through browser

                          2.  Do i need content-type ?

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Hi Rahul,

I am having a scenario where I have to load the image using external URL inside image widget. For that I have created a page which will give me the image based on record Id. On After Fetching the aggregate based on record id, I am using download node to download the image content.

But the image widget which we are using with external URL is expecting the MIME content to render the image.

The same scenario is working in the traditional web, because there we are having the content type option for the download node.




To show image using external URL . I could not find need of MIME type..


If you wanted to show your image from record then type is Binary Data...

can you share your image widget screenshot ?