Custom splash screens are stretched

We've added custom splashscreens to our application as detailed here, however the splashscreens show up as stretched on certain devices.

Galaxy S7:

Galaxy Note 9:

Galaxy S10+:

The icon should be perfectly circular, it is on the source images we used. Is this a known issue and is there a way around it, or do we need to redesign our splashscreens to look right even if they are distorted?


Hi Zachary,

Are you using different versions of your image to fit within the different screen resolutions, or did you load the same for all of them?

You can further customize the behaviour of the splash screen with properties described here. SplashMantainAspectRatio looks promising, have you tried enabling it?


SplashMantainAspectRatio did it, thanks!

No problem! Just remember that going by the documentation, this only appears to work for Android. It might need more fiddling if you need an iOS solution.